20 July 2014

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Interview with Sachin Yadav Founder of Technologers.com

After Taking Interview With Neil Patel King Of SEO Hear I am Going to Second Interview..!! First I am Thanks To All Readers OF FirstbloggerTricks and Commentators for showing Their Great Support to My Interview Concept.

 I am Really Happy To Say Today With me Technologers Founder Sachin Yadav Technologers is a  Technology and Internet Related Blog which contain Many Inspire Technology Related People Of the world.He is Tech Geek and Computer Expert.Today in this interview I'll ask Many interesting Questions which may Helps to New Bits to know secret Tips about Blogging.I Have Say to Sachin Yadav For showing his Interest In Giving Interview.

Hello Sachin,Thanks For Giving Your Important Time to us For an Inspiration Interview.In Interview I ask Some Of General Question Regarding Blogging and Seo. So can We
Start?Ohh Yes.

1)  Welcome on FirstbloggerTricks.com,Sachin Yadav. I am really feeling great to have a personality like you here.

Ans : Thanks You so Much For Inviting me on Firstbloggertricks.com. I  am also very glad to Kunal Shah for this Interview.

2) can You Introduce Your Self and Your blog to FirstbloggerTricks Reader?

Ans: Hello Everyone, I am Sachin Yadav From Faridabad. I Have Done My B.Tech(Cse Brach) From MDU (Rohtak).I am a Big Fan Of Tech Geek Like Sergey Brin,Larry Page,Mark Zuckerberg,Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal ( Filpkard Guy).Sabeer Bhatia who Made First Mail Service Hotmail.com and So Many People Who Develop the Software, Website and Programing Language For Us But We Don't Know the Name Of those People.

This was the Main Idea For me to start the blog which tell you about the Founder,Inventor, Devlopers and I call them Technologers.

3) Can You Tell me How you start this blog? and Which Difficulty You will Face?

Ans : I work In One Company Where One Friends Deepak Mishra Teach about Blogger Hosting and Domain Name System.I Really very Much Inspire and then I Start Reading and Think about Blogger and Finally On 1 Jan 2013 I launch Technologers.com

4)There has been a surge in people joining blogging but over 95% of them fail. Where do you see the problem?

Ans: I think Fresh content or creativity is the main Problem.Because there are so many Blog about same thing Like How To Guide and Blogging Guide.But No One Is writing about New Unique Content.Like Amit Agrawal Is a Great Inspiration to us.He always Come with New Unique Post Content.

5)Can you please give some Tips and Advice for newbie Bloggers?

Ans :First i am not much good at advice but try ...first thing is  Know yourself  ?? Because most of the time we don’t know what to do or what is the next post is about...so that time your inner power tells your strong factor.Start about what you like not what people want to read...that’s it.

6)Please share some tools and Service website which you use to grow your Blog / Business?

Ans :Specially i don't use so much tool for my blog..only few of them which is free of cost.like google analytics,webmeup backlink checker and social networking site.

7) What is your future planning?

Ans : In future i am  planning to make new blog which focus on Entertainment session. Let c when i get the time to start .

8)What is your posting frequency ? Do you concentrate more on Quality or Quantity?

Ans : I post 1 article per week due to shortage of time. Yes i definitely focus on quality because  one quality post is more superior than 10 less quantity post.

9)Most hesitating and nervous moment in your career ?

Ans:  After 8 month when i blog start i did't not receive any income then i feel very nervous.

10)Happiest Moment you faced in your successful career?

Ans: When my Google adsense account is approved that happiness is can't explain through word.

11) What is approx monthly Income of Your Blog and Any Tips To Improve Adsense Earning?

Ans :My monthly income is not huge because due to daily job schedule i can't concentrate on my blog...but inspire of that i earn 10k per month.
For better Adsense earning you need to target on high cpc keyword like now in india there is huge demand of e commerce industry so target that kind of keyword also insurance sector is also very high competition sector. Single click in insurnace is upto 350 to 450 inr.So i suggest try to write on insurance related keyword.

12)How you find Ideas for a new post on your Blog?

Ans: This is very easy for my blog because everyday I browse the many website or use service .Then I will to find the founder of that website or tech person related to that technology.My main aim is to find the find the tech person all around the world and write about them.

13) What are the Impact of Social networking sites on the traffic that you have today?

Ans:Everyone is now available on social networking site.. so there is huge traffic flow there. only we have to write unique and creative title or picture which going viral in less time.


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