22 September 2014

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Interview With Adsense Goddess - Lasya K Elizabeth

Today with Me One of the successful blogger women and Adsense Goddess Lasya K Elizabeth. She is the Founder Of Alltop9.com and Many Other Blog. Her Blog About Blogger, Education and Technology. She is One of the Top Adsense Goodess Approved 46+ Adsense Account In One Month That's Is Record Break Journey.

In this Interview I will ask Many Interesting Question which Help to Many People who not have Adsense account and also Helpful For New Bits.

Hello Lasya , Thanks For Giving Your Important Time to us For an Inspiration Interview.In Interview I ask Some Of General Question Regarding Blogging and his Journey. So can We Start?

1) Hello Lasya Welcome On FirstbloggerTricks.com

Hello! I am very glad to be here and thank you for your warm welcome. It's been very pleasure to be a part of this first bloggertricks.com. Thank you. :)

2) It’s my pleasure having you here,Lasya K, although there’s no such requirement for you but as mandatory, would you please introduce yourself to our readers?

I am Lasya K, CEO and Founder of All Top 9 and many other blogs. I completed by B.Tech degree, Electronics and Communication Engineering in 2014. I am very passionate about computers from my 6th standard and with that passion started learning something from Internet. I have done almost all things through Internet and finally started Blogging in my B.Tech 2nd year and still continuing the same. 

As I don't want to stick to only one thing I used to participate in all aspects in my School, Intermediate and B.tech levels and won almost all the prizes. Being uniqueness is my hobbie. Learning new things is my passion. Being simple is my nature.

3) Alltop9 , undoubtedly is one of the most prestigious blog, how the idea came into your mind and how you’ve get started with it?

At that time every one are busy with tech blogs. So, I thought why I should not keep all the things together like Technology, Games, Aps, Blogging, SEO, etc. Then I got an idea that before posting anything everyone should know about the top brands that are leading in present scenario. So, there comes my idea to keep All top lists in my blog and I have selected only "9" categories which are mostly searched by the people and started the blog.

In starting many of them said that All Top 9 doesn't work and it will fail. But, my heart never says that and I went on publishing and started SEO. After 2-3 months All Top 9 got huge hit and the people who said it won't work have appreciated me for my work. This thing says hardwork pays off. And impossible itself says I Am Possible.

Though I faced many ups and downs the only desitination is success. And I have reached it. 

4)What is the reason behind your Blogging success? and How you come in to blogging?

Self Experimenting, Self Motivation, Self Learning are the keys to my success. Apart from this my college friends "Indraja and Geethika" supported me all the time and encouraged me what ever I am and "Vamsi" co-founder of All Top 9, joined with me in the middle of All Top 9 and he have given me a full support in developing All Top 9. As I am starter of All Top 9, later it became a good team. At present Myself and Vamsi are working for All Top 9. And hope it goes well with all your support.

5) What complications you’ve faced while you were novice to blogging, and how you’ve tackled the situation?

Basically I have not taught SEO by anyone nor read any articles. I just believed in conetent and done the same. Later started Social media, link building, AdSense, etc. All are just experiments and later came into MY BLOGGING STRATEGIE. So, while applying every concept in All Top 9 is a complication one and I never felt it has a complication, it is just a learning steps. When I do wrong, I learnt what is right. When I do right, I learnt how to do best.

6) You'r the best In adsense So how to Build up your adsense skill? Can you share some Strategy about how to approve adsense?  

My first AdSense approved for a niche blog. So, I got an idea why I should not experiment with AdSense?. Then I started applying for each and every blog. Some of them have disapproved and some are approved. And again started my experiments and got immense number of approvals. 

And you can learn about how to get approval for AdSense in my case study. (http://www.alltop9.com/2014/07/46-adsense-approvals-made-by-lasya-k-adsense-goddess.html)

7) I Read Your all Interview Lasya ,In one Interview I Read Lasya K made 46 Adsense Approvals In A Month,Which efforts you used to get those approval adsense ?

Experimenting on all type of blogs and learnt some few tricks. With those basics and some self tricks made me to do 50+ AdSense approvals. I kept Efforts like Interest, Patience, Knowledge, Time and Working strategies.

8) perhaps Many People can start Earning with Adsense but In many of them felt In adsense the main cause of site banned from adsense?

Site is banned because of doing opposite to Google policies, self clicking on ads nor saying friends to click on our ads. Such terms leads to banning of AdSense. With smart things we can get our banned AdSense back.

9) Their are any strategy or any tricks to re-use Banned adsense account?

Yep! tricks are like first analyse the problem and then appeal to the Google with the clear and neat explaination, screen shorts and what ever data you have. Until and unless you know the problem of banning, never appeal to the Google with wrong information. If you do wrong, it will create a complication in reinsiating your AdSense account.

10)Please share some tools and services you used to grow your blog.

Yes! we use some tools like:

1. Our own content with own experiences.

2. Passion and Interest made us to love our blog and though it get's down one day we give same interest towards our blog. Because, All Top 9 is made for a cause, not for earning money. It is our life time blog.
3. Social Media as usual every one know Google+, Facebook, Twitter and many other.
4. Most important thing is team efforts and understanding.

11) What are the main traffic sources of your blog? Do social media networks play an important role behind Blog's traffic?

Google search engine, Facebook, Twitter are the main traffic sources for All Top 9. And yes! Social media always plays an vital role because, if a post is published in your blog how people come to know that. So, for expanding our growth social media is main keyrole for blog's traffic.

12) Well, thanks for being with us over here. Would you like to tell few words to our readers? 

Thank you for giving me an opportunity to share all my experiences over here. I am not so big to adivice you nor a small to ask you. Just be your own way and follow the people who got success in their respective fields, but never follow that. Because, if one is worked for some one then never think that the same works for you. 

So, Analyse the successfull stories, there might be a different types of reaching their destination but we can see some common points in all successful stories. They are Hardwork, Interest, Patience, Strond desire.

When all these are with you definitely the success will be ours. Never see that some one will help you, take initiation and move forward. 

These are the things I learnt from my life journey. :)


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