31 October 2014

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Best Online Tools To Check Your Website Value


In Every Post I have share Something Hatke For user of Fbt In Last Post we shared Domain At 49Rs and Today we've going to share List of site to know your website value.Worth Is Difficult to define but If You are trying to sell your website, so you can easily check what's a actual Price of your website.

How to Judge your website value?

As Always we have ponder how much one website worth but there are only Judge No one know Exact figure.In this era every blog master Or blogger want to make his Domain valuable.you can Increase value of your site by increasing you site traffic.There are the list of site that show you about your site unique visitor , page viewers and One Day earning, monthly earning as well as yearly Income, Price and Estimate of your value. Keep In Mind value shown by is  a estimate.I am not saying that they value shown by this site is exact but it Just estimate It show all Point [visitors,Rank and Many More] and Judge the Estimate Figure and judge You may also get a backlink for your site from below sites.Here is list of some top sites to calculate your website value.

Top Sites That Calculate Value Of Your Website

  • www.checkwebsiteprice.com
  • www.vampirestat.com
  • www.7secretsearch.com
  • www.worthofweb.com
  • www.yourwebsitevalue.com
  • www.webuka.com
  • www.siteprice.org
  • www.evaluateanywebsite.com
  • www.mywebsiteworth.com
  • www.howmuchwebsiteworth.com
  • www.valuesite.org
  • www.value.webcrawler.com
  • www.cutestat.com
  • www.statscrop.com
  • www.domaintours.com
  • www.valuegator.com
  • www.webworth.info
  • www.glurk.com
  • www.valuemyweb.com
  • www.websitevaluecalculator.biz
  • www.yourwebsiteworth.com
  • www.freewebsitereport.org 
  • www.getwebsitevalue.com
  • www.websiteoutlook.com
  • www.urlappraisal.net
  • www.sitevaluecalculator.com
  • www.worthvalue.net
  • www.sitevaluestats.com
  • www.siteworthtraffic.com
  • www.siteworthchecker.com
  • www.urlrate.com
  • www.cubestat.com
  • www.websitereckon.com
  • www.websitelooker.net
  • www.worthz.com
  • www.checkwebsiteprice.com
  • www.stimator.com
  • www.statshow.com
  • www.estimix.com
  • www.clearwebstats.com
  • www.sitevaluefinder.com
  • www.websiteearningcalculator.com
  • www.valuemator.com
  • www.website.informer.com
  • www.mxwebsite.com
  • www.mystatinfo.com
  • www.westimator.com
  • www.neastat.com
  • www.allwebvalue.com
  • www.websitevalue.us
  • www.websitelooker.net
  • www.websvalue.com
  • www.sitevaluecheck.com
  • www.sitestimator.com
  • www.mysitevalueate.com
  • www.websitevaluecheck.com
  • www.13review.com

Final Strock

I strongly recommend to use these websites for research purpose only because they don’t give accurate information and you will never manage to sell your website based on these estimates if you don’t provide potential buyer with Google Analytics data and verified income report.


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